See you in Brooklyn in Sept 4 with @sparkbklyn!
Some of the things I love about living the freelance life:
✔️I get to work from the “bed office” with my coffee and a lot of pillows
✔️I love working on different kinds of projects with different people and companies. I rarely have a boring day
✔️I’ve gotten to work from many lovely places around the world, and have said yes to super last minute trips ✈️
✔️27/7 puppy cuddle opportunities
✔️I work on my own weird schedule - my brain is amazing in the morning and seems to decline steadily throughout the day. Mornings are for writing ✍️
✔️I like being my own boss. I am still learning how to be a good boss (and employee) to me
Can’t wait to meet other freelancers then, and curious about what you love (the things that drive me crazy, coming soon...) ❤️

Brooklyn, New York