¡Pulque! 🙂 this fermented agave drink has been made in Mexico for ages now and while its popularity faded for a bit, it’s gaining fans back again according to our night walk street food tour guide from @eatlikealocalmx 💕 on the left is the caramel flavor and the right is the peanut from @la_nuclear_pulqueria in #mexicocity - they make different flavors all the time but I quite liked the caramel 😉 I heard at a museum that back in the day folks were only allowed limited quantities else they’d end up drunk on it (the alcoholic content is pretty low but if you drank it all day!!!!) 😂 btw this here is just the taster portion, we saw people with beer mug sized pulque settling in for the night 🙌🏾 I was told it’s chock full of probiotics which is great for gut health so I just let my gut instinct take the lead on this one 🙏🏽 have you tried pulque yet?? #losangeleslife #travelerandtourist #traveltuesday #todobien