I don't always have to understand
the blessings that might emerge in my life
but I can make space for them
even when I know it might come with uncovering unexamined pain

travel will do that

My life in San Diego?
It was a daily routine I had built to bypass ... push aside... ignore the shit I didn't want to deal with.
I had meetings, and speaking gigs, and friend lunches and workouts that left no room for: the anxiety, the need to "matter", the fear and pain of self worth
to be faced

my daily routine swept it to the edges of my comfort zone where it stayed
building a wall that kept out the light

but travel? well... fuck
travel slammed me against that wall sooner than I was prepared for

every day I feel like I'm discovering old rooms in my heart I had long forgotten
distant dust laden stories stuffed in the corners and the cracks
waiting to be acknowledged
waiting to be freed
Something has happened to me

I've never been more in love with a man in my life
I've never felt more free
I've never felt more joy
I've never felt more me

But I'm in the shit
I'm at the wall... dusting if off.. chipping away
The work is a mix of exalted relief and exhausting humility
because I've made room in me to love at all

travel will do that if you let it

make space in your heart for the blessings
even if you don't understand how

Bled Slovenia



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