Day 89: It blows my mind how the mind changes when you see other parts of the world. I was scrolling through old photos in my phone and came across this one. A street that was recently bombarded by so many new buildings. We find it annoying and we get fed up when all these buildings go up in front of our house, when the street parking gets limited and when construction workers are constantly stopping traffic.

But now, to me this looks empty. LIKE COMPLETELY EMPTY. Like I am standing in front of a picture that someone painted because it looks to perfect and organized. I completely forgot how it looked, and writing this I truly don’t believe this photo. Like the street looks so large. The buildings look so precise. There is a sidewalk, like what?

I got so used to constant horns, cars and motorcycles bumper to bumper (literally) and potholes that you couldn’t even consider that anymore because they cover the entire road.

I forgot what home looked like. I forgot where I grew up. I forgot how luxurious it was. Unintentionally we take life for granted when we have nothing to compare to. Traveling opens your mind to so much, and even when you think you know what a place is really like based on news, photos, and talking to other travellers, you can’t fully grasp it until you see it for yourself.
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Surrey, British Columbia



  • @debmaternick 17 June, 2019

    You’re right! Nothing beats real life experiences!! Glad that you are getting to experience all that you have!❤️

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    Never stop exploring!! Great pic! 🙌

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    💓Absolutely Stunning 😎

  • @brookee_af 15 June, 2019

    I love this! So so true! Thank you for sharing 💜