After so much time in the Balkans, I'd gotten used to Balkan culture. Food fast, coffee slow and people warm. I LOVE the Balkans and I love Balkan people and Balkan culture but oh MY had I forgotten how INCREDIBLE Italian culture is. 🇮🇹
Right now I'm visiting family in Barga, the smallest city in Italy, and I can't get enough of it. Morning cappuccinos followed by lazy afternoons in the sun with Prosecco and cheese are going to be my life while I'm here and I am SO excited to finally unwind properly after such a crazy couple of months. I am going to do all the writing and allow myself to actually breathe again after visiting 6 countries in 2 months (which, if you know me, you'll know that's INSANELY fast). I also have some crazy exciting plans for the rest of this year and if everything goes the way I want it to it's gonna be gooooood so cheers to that 🥂
Oh, and yup, this picture is in Riva del Garda and yup I'm actually talking about my time in Barga but what are you gonna doooo though

Riva del Garda